Tutorial notes 17/06/2013

Another meeting with interviewee

It would be really useful to say to the interviewee thank you so much for you time. You have told me more about the project than any reading could possibly do. Could I come and talk to you for 20 minutes just to show you how I understand of what you said and show you the journey map I did. Just another short meeting, not a serious interview. I draw it up now and I want to check with you that I got that all right and tell you where I think the main problems are. And maybe ask that have you got any suggestions what the outcome/idea might be?

About the idea/possible outcomes

It may more like a package. Maybe you can pull together everything that exists, but you are calling it something else. Many things like gym, club or course, they are all under the big umbrella of the stroke survivors club. However, they are not joining up now. The post-recovery club might include online information, mental health support, gym memberships and special classes. They all need join up.

How can you increase a good outcomes? If your interviewee is a good outcome, so how can you make other people to be a good outcome as well? How can you make it easy? Because your interviewee is a very determining man. How do you think we could make it easier for someone who doesn’t have a strong will as you to make such a good recovery. Maybe get a friend overweight to go with them. Try to link up to other things. For example, people who want to do the same activity but for different reasons.

Hospital track someone back to the community.

When you put that all together with a service system ecology in blueprint and do a video how it might work, that might be your final outcome.

Go back to Dr. Jacqui Mrrios

Do you know that things exist already? Does Dundee city council offer reduce membership in gym?

Talk to Maggie Butchart

Is there any help for social prescribing for stroke?


Tutorial notes 30/05/2013

Assessment comments

1.Understand of the research questions and how the project fits into the world is excellent.

2.Methods used on researching project is very good.

3.What we were less sure about is what it will go next.

Suggestions for the new blog

The Background part should be improve a little bit.

1.People who have had a stroke are not all elderly people.

2.What I wrote makes people feel that the stroke survivor is treated like a thing, not as a person. Because all those reasons I gave why I gonna help them is to save money. I should think more about the person.

Continue doing 50 stkeches. Get quick thinking about the ideas.

Introduce Mr. X to me to do an interview — Tips and suggestions about doing this interview

Do a journey map when you go and meet X. Try to find out what his experiences is.

Use post-its, draw or write.

When did he go to hospital? How long did he stay in hospital? What happened there? What was the emotion/how did he feel? Did he get out of bed? When was he able to walk? Did he have physiotherapy? Did he do exercise? When did he get home, what happened then? Did he get any support at home? Did doctors come to visit you at home? Did anybody talk to you about the exercise? Tell me what happened next/tell me a bit about that. Is there any thing could be done differently? Do you have any suggestion how it could be done differently?

And then, I have come up with some really quick ideas. I can show 10 of the 50 ideas to him. Here are some ideas that might motivate people from doing exercise. Tell me what do you think about these. What would you do differently?