— In this part, you will know about the context and background of this project and how it fits into the world.

With the development of society and medical techniques, we live a longer life. People will increasingly care about health problem. However, compared to health care resources, the demand is too big. Health care service will be under great pressure.


Also, health professionals begin to look at a longer journey, not only when people get ill, but also prevent and maintain recovery.

Is there any solution to these problems?

Service design

In this project, service design will engage in health care area. The research is undertaking by using some service design tools and methods to explore the users’ needs, find problems and finally find a innovative way to improve the situation.

This project

This project is especially focusing on people who have had a stroke before.

Stroke is the main cause of complex adult disability and impairments. Strong evidence showing that physical activity can influence general health, function and prevents further stroke. However, long-term engagement in physical activity presents a healthcare challenge. Some barriers can prevent participation.

Solution might be social support to patients and self-management to maintain recovery after treatment. This not only reduce the pressure and cost of health care services, but also can improve general health.

So this project might be possibly funded by national health service.


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