Social prescribing

With the idea of recovery club, I found the project Source of support: social prescribing has something similar I can refer to. Therefore, I talked to expert in this project and it really helps me a lot.

Interview with social prescribing expert

Case study: Social prescribing – mental health support

GP, user — Link worker, user — user, community groups 

GP sees people who have mental health problem and he refers this to the link worker. The link worker talks to them for about half an hour to find out what is the problem, what would they like to do and then they refer them to classes in community link like walking groups, badminton classes, art therapy, cooking therapy, all the different community groups. These classes are for anybody, not especially for people who have mental problem.

In every house state in Dundee, usually there is a community centre running all kinds of different classes.

Generally, people in social prescribing are very socially isolated and they don’t go out. So the link worker in this project can help and support them to go out. After the first initial visit, they managed to go themselves.

The target user in this project don’t need medication.

About the motivation

They suffer from the depression. Evolving people in social prescribing is a difficult process. The link worker and the person who possibly runs the recovery club, it is more like to be a consultant service, a listening service to get them motivated. In fact, some people took a lot of moving to get them to involve. Because those people are so damaged.

Suggestion given on the stroke project 

Who would run the recovery club? Who would lead the special classes?

The leader will need to be someone with physiotherapy, because they will understand the needs. But someone also who has insights into the mental health problems for people have stroke. Because people with stroke understand that they need exercise for the ability issues, but the impact on their life and mental health problems is huge.

You can highlight the problem: don’t be socially isolated, don’t just sit in your house, come to recovery club.

The peer support maybe also very helpful.

About Online info

If you want to send them to gym, the gym should have the instructor who can understand the problem. It should be tailored especially for stroke survivors.

Online information could work, because 60 or 70 they should be online. It will tell them all about the recovery club and tell them where to go in the community centers.

Useful: Dundee healthy living initiative (website)

They do a lot of different kind of programs and that might be a way of linking to them so that you can start with your recovery club. Small fee to access to those classes. And this is Dundee wide.

Lack of links. That is the problem. Every body works in their little groups and nobody links.


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