Interview with stroke survivor I


This week I interviewed a male stroke survivor. In this interview, we mapped his experience of stroke treatment, including cure as well as rehabilitation. We talked about exercise. Also, I showed him several ideas I come up with and gained feedback. It was really nice talking to him, as I got lots of useful information, knew about user’s needs and found some problem in the current health care service.

CIMG2729 CIMG2730

Stroke survivor used heart to show his likes to these ideas and flag to show the feasibility.

Key points quote/Highlights

“This is where I think the health care service breaks down. You go to a very protective environment in hospital with lots of people helping you. At the stage when you sent home, you are on your own. All the services, helps, supports stop. “

 “I got that service because I pushed.”

 “I think there should be some transition from lots of support to nothing. The supports could slowly withdraw.”

 “After 2-3 days when I back to home, I thought what can I do now? I am not gonna sit here for months.”

 “I did exercise for 4 months. I didn’t enjoy the exercise, I just wanted to be better and stronger. I stopped exercise but I carried on swimming, because I enjoy swimming.”

 “People that felt down or depressed, they were given psychologists to get help. I think that maybe more important than exercise.”

 “Getting the stroke survivor to the point of wanting to control and better their own life. Maybe the mental side is more important to get survivors to think ‘it’s me.’ 

Users’ needs 

These quotes highlight what the stroke survivor thought about his journey of stroke treatment and imply what the stroke survivor need as well. As designing a service, always remember to find the problems and explore users’ needs.


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