Desk research of design directions


As I did 50 possible outcomes for my project, the design direction become clearer. I did desk research and found that some  ideas are kind of related to each other. I divided them in 4 groups.

Social enterprise

Communication platform/activity groups

Easy accessibility

User terminal service (App)

Let me explain a bit of them.

Social enterprise

Cooperate with other organizations or companies, not only benefits stroke survivors, but also the organization or companies. For example, dog walking service run by dog walking organization.

Communication platform/activity groups

For example:

1. Use social network like Facebook or Twitter to encourage stroke survivors to do exercise or announce activities.

2. Establish some clubs for stroke survivors to find people who have the same interest in doing exercise, etc.

Easy accessibility

Create a good environment for stroke survivors to do exercise.

For example, free-rent bicycles for them or give them a special discount in gym.

User terminal service (App)

This is probably based on an app. It can :

Contact therapists or personal trainer, give guide and tips on doing exercise, remind stroke survivors to do exercise, etc.


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