Summary of Dr Jacqui Morris’s report

Title: Exploring the barriers and facilitators to maintaining engagement in physical activities after the end of post-stroke rehabilitation: a qualitative study of stroke survivors, caregivers and stroke physiotherapists.  

As this report is written by my expert on this project, it is really helpful for me to understand the issue of the project. The research questions are worth to refer and the main body of the report is to answer these questions.

Research Questions:

1. What are stroke survivors’ beliefs about the role and importance of PA in stroke recovery?

2. How do stroke survivors define PA, what are their experiences and attitudes towards PA after the end of rehabilitation and what meanings do they ascribe to these activities?

3. What level and types of activities do carers and survivors believe are necessary to maintain and improve their recovery, and how do these vary?

4. What role do caregivers and physiotherapists believe they play in supporting participation in therapeutic and physical activities after rehabilitation?

5. What opinions and ideas do survivors, caregivers and therapists have about strategies that would help to support participation in long-term therapeutic and PA for these individuals?

6. What do survivors believe are barriers and facilitators to participation in these activities? How do these influence decisions to engage in activities?

I make tables to summarize these questions


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