Reading “Back in the usual world”

Tutty A. “Back in the usual normal world” Barriers and enablers to exercise and community participation after stroke: the role of community health and support services. Rural research and capacity building program, 2010. Health education and training institute.

Research Question

To describe stroke survivors and carers experiences of services after discharge and explore the role of these services as an enabler or barrier to exercise and community participation

Method used to do the research

Depth interviews – at home/local hospitals according to stroke survivors’ preference

Focus group

Why stroke survivors need community health and social support

* Residual disability after stroke has a profound impact on all aspects of life

* High rates of social isolation and depression

* Stroke survivors experience reduced social and leisure participation which impacts negatively on health related quality of life

Barriers/Limited factors of social support

* Reduced mobility

* Transport issue

* Reduced confidence

* Fear

* Environment access issue

Valuable things

For stroke survivors

* Follow up and phone access to an allied health professional

* Self management, education and exercise class

* Group interaction

For carers

* Support group and counselling

Key ingredients for a long term support model for stroke

* Coordination

* Increased opportunities for exercise programs

* Access to community based rehabilitation programs


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