Interview record with Dr Jacqui Morris II

27/03/2013 with Jacqui Morris

Do you have a user group with which you are doing a research I can interview?
No, because I have finished my research. But there are people who will be very interested in speaking to you. I don’t think there will be ethical problems. Because the two gentlemen, they are part of the patient council, which in NHS they have commit that, they can give their opinions and experiences in healthcare system. They can take part in studies. It’s just a concertation. They are stroke survivors. I can contact them. But we have already had quite a lot of discussions with them about physical activities. But your ideas are different from ideas that I have.

Can I use the report you give as a reference?
If you say it is an unpublished dissertation.

Details confirm
Age range: 61-80 Average age: 67
Community dwelling = living in their own home in community

Who is the caregiver when a stroke survivor live alone?
Social services, home-care system, not in healthcare system, most funded by the city council. Depends on people’s need. Part of funded by the government. But they still have to pay.

Conditions of stroke survivors
When you are looking into designing a service, it maybe important to consider what if you want to look at a certain group of people. Who is most likely to benefit or who has the most need. There are varies conditions of the stroke survivors. Some of them can work and some of them can do nothing.
When we interviewed with stroke survivors, some of them have communication difficulty. We use pictures to show them, because we also want to catch the views of people who have communication difficulties as well. If we don’t do that, we just interviewed particular proportion of the stroke population and we don’t catch everybody thinks.

When stroke survivors get home, what is the role of physiotherapist in this stage?
Depends on their needs. Usually, physiotherapists will go to their home. They haven’t rehabilitation in their own home, so the physiotherapists will visit them once or twice a week. This is also physiotherapists’ work. They are called community rehabilitation teams. Usually is a short intervention, like 6 or 8 weeks. It is part of the rehabilitation.
You have a cure hospital, then you have rehabilitation hospital, then you have community rehabilitation. Their role is really to make sure that people are managing at home and to continue the therapy as long as they need it. They will decide what they need and then they will hand over the responsibility to the healthcare assistants or caregivers. They can guide them how to take care of the stroke survivors. Physiotherapists will come back again to see how it is getting on and decide if they need more therapy or not.
The system is organized to try to get people out of hospital quickly and the therapists in the community are there to make sure people recover as much as they can do, but in a different environment, in home.


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