Interview record with Dr Jacqui Morris I

28/02/2013 with Jacqui Morris

About Jacqui and the research she has done
She is a professional physiotherapist.
They have done a quilatated study about the reason why stroke survivors don’t continue the physical activities after they having completed the rehabilitation when they go back home.What the barriers are, what is easier for them, what they wanted for supporting.

Some information:
Caregivers are mostly partners.
Their treatment is about 2 month – 2 years. After it people take 6-7 years to do activities which is much more longer

Reasons about why they stop doing PA:
Exercise class set up in community by healthcare services are time limited
What do they need? What they really wanted? (physically and mentally)
They need a wide range of activities
Want to do things be outside. Do what they do previously
Transportation problem and accessibility 

The environment of healthcare services
Health services sometimes create dependence people are scared to do activities without health professionals but they still have sort of need of the community that’s why they want to do exercise in community. Healthcare system always focus on safety
Maybe people not the health professional with people who understand stroke who have been trained. Not nessearylily professional

This service maybe create ( Stroke survivors are living in a community setting) :
Something appealing to them
Outside the medical model ( when exercise class is over)
Enable them to feel that they are in a community again
About identity regain the identity who is able to engage in what they are before previous identity
Pathway to be an active person in the community
Enjoyable activities with others outside healthcare service
They will not do if it is not interesting

Different of patients’ thought health professionals’ thought
Health professionals think: activities of daily living get dressed cook go down stairs
Patients: socialize meet people do enjoyable things. Go back to they were

Focus on a particular group of stroke survivors ( target people )
Maybe you should think people that are less disabled
Focus on people are mobile
About belief that causes the stroke:
Those who think life style cause it are more likely to get motivation to do PA
Key issue: people who have strong belief will active anyway, others not


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