Project Outputs

Social support for physical activity after a stroke

Can design methods find creative solutions to bring people together to enable better health outcomes?

Strokes are one of the main causes of complex adult disability and impairments. There is strong evidence showing that physical activity can influence general health and prevents further stroke. However long-term engagement in physical activities after the rehabilitation to maintain recovery and for health benefit presents a healthcare challenge. People who have had a stroke have difficulty in remaining active after the support provided from rehabilitation is withdrawn.

To uncover the ‘pain points’ in the process of stroke treatment and rehabilitation research was undertaken with stroke specialist health professionals and  stroke survivors.

The key pain points were the transition between hospital and home and access to healthy activity services. Whilst there are organizations providing community based healthy activities services, they don’t always link with the health service. A service design approach would be to link existing services together in order to provide a continued and extended service system. Therefore, it is highly recommended to connect hospital rehabilitation to community based health service and use personal link workers to connect stroke survivors to those services. There are excellent examples of linking people through ‘social prescribing’ and social prescribing trials in Dundee already have well established networks which could be accessed with health and cost benefits which could be ‘prescribed’ to connect people with other health issues to activities and resources to support their recovery.

This challenge was set by Dr Jacqui Morris, Senior Research Fellow, School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Dundee and Allied Health Professions Research Lead, NHS Tayside and supported by Maggie Butchard, Research Assistant

Oral Health and Health Research Programme, University of Dundee.

This short video explain the whole service of the project.



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